Howmore at night

For nearly 160 years Howmore Church has stood as a beacon of hope both to sailors at sea and believers on land. Over the years the building has taken a battering from storm, rain and hail and it became ever more clear that if the building was going to continue to serve as a place of worship and shelter, then significant work was required on it.  

While we had some funds of our own for this work we have also been overwhelmed by the generosity others from close by and further afield. Below is a list of those trusts and funds which are supporting us, but a most special mention must go to our sisters and brothers in faith of St Mary’s Church in Bornais and St Michael’s Church in Ardkenneth whose generosity towards Howmore has deeply touched us.

Restoration commenced on 2nd December 2019. Archie Beaton was the appointed contractor with Colin Munro as the Conservation Architect. It is hoped that the work will be completed by June 2020. As well as a full restoration the Church will benefit from wheelchair and pram access, the vestibule will be larger and there will be an exhibition area. Monthly site visits by interested parties will monitor the progress and updates will appear on our news page.

G Weston